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Unlock device for MetroPCS

Official Unlock from MetroPcs USA (Mobile Device Unlock App Service)


This Service is available for the following models:

 Alcatel Device Unlock App Service

 HTC Device Unlock App Service

 LG Device Unlock App Service

 Samsung Device Unlock App Service

 Sony Device Unlock App Service

 ZTE Device Unlock App Service

Motorola Device Unlock App Service

CoolPad Device Unlock App Service


Take The Best Phone Unlocking Services From The Leading Online Agency

A phone cannot truly belong to someone when it comes with too many restrictions. When an individual purchases a phone through a carrier, the device will stay locked to a network. By unlocking the phone, it will allow the user to use the phone on a carrier network, which is compatible.



That is why we, at Free Sim Unlocker, is providing our exceptional device unlocking services from our Metro Pcs App. This will allow you to unlock any kind of mobile device when the help of this application.

How to unlock a Metro Pcs phone?

When you use a phone that is from the Metro Pcs Company, and active Metro Pcs service is required for approximately, 90 consecutive days, starting from the day the cell phone was activated. When all looks good, we will provide you a Device Unlock App from our company, where you only need to press in the code to unlock your phone. Unlocking your phone is easier than you think; the following systematic guide will give you a better understanding when you perform the task by yourself. They are

When using the MetroPCS Unlock App, a data connection of 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi is compulsory.

● Open the Metro Pcs folder and press the application list and press on the device unlock.

● Tap the continue button to proceed.



Type of models we of our services

Device Unlock App from our company gets to work on several smartphone models and it is used as a permanent device. This is a common situation where we users have locked phones through T-Mobile. We happily deliver our mobile unlock services to

Alcatel device unlock services.

HTC device unlock services.

Samsung device services.

LG device unlock services.


The MetroPCS Unlock App is officially created for the Metro Pcs network. If you want to use our services, it will require you to provide a photograph and the message, which will appear when you get to use the device unlocking application.

Why choose us?

The IT industry cannot provide you with the right mobile unlocking solutions, we, at Free Sim Unlocker, have been ranked higher from our competitors when locking phones. We are internet based phone unlocking company, where we provide our experience with an interface that is user friendly. We provide our unlocking services, to many well-known phone models and, if you have a phone that needs to be unlocked, give us the chance and we will offer you a good-quality service.